Spring Workshop, 5/13/2019 - 5/20/2019

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Spring Workshop, 5/13/2019 - 5/20/2019


Spring Workshop - Japan  13-20.5 2019

It is a time when Japan is turning from freezing country to blooming spring. 

First plum (Japanese Ume) trees will bloom and spring will give a life to these islands.

We will visit Koyasan, the most secret place established as a place for worshipping hundreds year ago, where only male could live and worship. Stay overnight in Buddhist temple with possibilities to attend morning worshipping of temple's monks, have a tea with the highest priest of the temple and later have a chance to photograph many temples of this mountain.

We will go to Kyoto - an ancient emperor capital and also to historical Nara where we will visit the most hidden temples, out of the reach of tourist crowds. Gion, a downtown of Kyoto with a great chance to meet real Geisha or Maiko, hurrying up to some restaurant or ocha-ya to meet their clients. We will stay in a traditional Ryokan end taste a Shabu Shabu - delicious Japanese beef.

The journey will continue to temples of the oldest capital of Japan to Kamakura with well preserved a spirit of this ancient city. A moss temple, bamboo garden, zen garden all of this with a cup of fresh green tea will be served to experience a meditation environment to cool down a piece of your mind.

The journey will finish in Tokyo.

This workshop will aim to photograph hidden places of Japan, where Buddhist monks can practice their worshiping, quiet beauty of Japan, choosing right time and atmosphere for the shoot using LR and Capture one for image managment.

As long as you are over 18, you are welcome. 

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