Mt. Fuji - 3776m active vulcano with coming period of 200 year is also Japanese the holiest mountain. There is possible to descent into its great crater just during snow season. It is a strong magnet for experienced outdoor people, who are coming from all over the world to hike this fascinating mountain. Also David and Andrea-Italian/Czech couple had came to Japan to fulfill their dream.
Bouldering is one of the fastest growing sport in Japan. It's a fun, which is very popular among young Japanese people from many reasons: it's a group fun which doesn't cost much, you don't need almost any climbing equipment except climbing shoes, it's relatively safe sport and climbing boulders are usually located in very nice nature spots. The most popular location near Tokyo is Okutama mountains.
Japanese from all over the Japan lit hundred of candles as a memorial for those from Tohoku who died in tsunami March 11th 2011 or in Fukushima prefecture, lowering impact of disaster inside crippled Fukushima nuclear power plan.
Even 4 month after devastating tsunami situation is still critical. Heavy smell is from damaged fish factories, fibers of asbestos from damaged concrete buildings are everywhere, still thousands people stay in shelters.
1 month after Tohoku earthquake there are still very little visible changes in affected cities. People already don't suffer by hunger, but till now the biggest effort has been to find alive victims of tsunami.
Few photos of idyllic life in one of the most spectacular part of Japan - from Tohoku, recently completely damaged by earthquake and tsunami
Villages around Kamaishi were pretty high above the sea and also far away. But earthquake generated several waves which pushed the water many kilometers against the stream of local river. People did not expect that water could travel so far and remained unprepared. It cost them their life. Water was quick and damaged everything even in those further places.
Kamaishi was a port which even had a great barrier againt eartquake waves, however it was only 3 meters hight. Quake was only 70 Km far away of the shore on March 11th and waves exceeded all expectations. People from places closer to the cost got often stuck in trafic jam while trying to escape and those from further places did not expect that the water could reach them. Thousands of them died.
One of the biggest disaster had happened on March 11th in Japan. Ofunato used to be nice, quiet fisherman town with beaches ranked like one of the nicest beach in Japan. It is gone. Earthquake under the sea, only 70 km from the shore, created two 10 meters waves which washed out this town. Water had been pushed by second wave so high, that it exceded all expectation.
...a port just few meters above the sea level. There was nothing what could stop two huge 10m waves. March 11th was a bad day for this town. Almost no houses had been broken after the earthquake, but because horizontal fall of sea bottom was 5m, it created two 10 meters waves which washed out this town. Estimation only for this small town is 850 dead toll 1700 not found.
Fast action should be done to help thousands people from the North cost of Honshu in Japan. Many came and donated money and required things in Metropolitan government Building at Shinjuku.
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