You can see tattoos in magazines, you can see tattoos in tattoo shops, you can see them in exhibitions. But nothing is like seeing tattoos in the flesh: real, living flesh, in front of your eyes. And nowhere better to see that than the famous, and utterly fantastic, Asakusa Sanja festival: one of Japan’s best live gallery for all the color and art of traditional Japanese tattoos.
"Seijin no hi" is the day D and "Seijinshiki" is a name of the festival in Japan when teenager become adults. They have right to drink, smoke or for exemple also vote. Several years there was a nice whether, but this year rains cat& dogs till it culminated to snowstorm. Even though such whether young Japanese girls who spent fortune to be dressed in kimono could not stay at home.
"Seijin no hi" - "Coming To Age" is a traditional Japanese Festival and it's actually a celebration of age of 20. Adolescents are getting adults. In Japan all girls get a new kimono (traditional Japanese dress from a silk used in these days for a celebration purpose only) and go to a jinja (Shinto shrine) with own family or friends to show up, take pictures and maybe also to pray to local gods to marry....
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