Commercial Licensing

Agency mh images are available through Commercial licensing for all commercial projects. The terms and conditions of the licensing agreement dictate how, when and where photographs are reproduced. License fees are negotiated individually for each project. Royalty-free licensing is not available from Agency mh.

Agency mh images are normally licensed for reproduction rights on a per photo per use basis. Full rights purchase or "buy out" is not available. Photographs are released for limited use with one-time, non-exclusive rights.

Conditions of Licensing Agreement

By accepting any original or digital photographic image from Agency mh, you agree to the above provisions and the terms and conditions below.

Release of Rights: Image reproduction rights are released only upon receipt of this signed license agreement and upon payment in full of the license fees within the time period noted herein. Rights released are specific to each image and its related project and are granted on the limited basis of this agreement.
Preview images or sample enlargements may be use for in-house comp and layout purposes only. Those are not intended for reproduction or public display.
Upon completion of the project, all digital images in your possession, downloaded as a part of this agreement, must be destroyed. 

Image Modification: Agency mh images may not be manipulated or altered by any way (accept cropping or resizing). Modifications other than cropping or resizing will require approval by Agency mh.

Credit Lines and Record Copies: Images used for editorial purposes shall receive proper photo credits. The credit line shall read: Photo © The credit line shall appear beside the printed image or on the photo credits acknowledgment page.

Cancellation of Agreement: Cancellation notification in writing received by Agency mh until three months from the License Agreement date will carry a service charge equal to 10% of the invoice amount plus any shipping expenses. After three months, the full invoice amount will be due whether any image has been published or not. In all cases, the licensee must immediately return all photo materials and media disks in their possession and/or destroy all digital files.

Copyright: Agency mh owns and retains all rights to the images licensed herein. All Agency mh images are protected by copyright and may not be used for purposes other than those specifically outlined in the licensing agreement. Unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution or archiving of any image or derivation thereof, is a violation of the International Copyright Laws.

Second Parties: Agency mh  digital images or prints, may not be sold, rented, re-licensed, traded, e-mailed or given away to a second party. Transfer or sale of Agency mh image rights is prohibited.

Credit: Agency mh images may not be used in any manner that is illegal or damaging to the reputation of Agency mh or any other person's, company's, country's rights. Agency mh shall not be held liable for damages occurring through misuse of its images. 

Payment of License Fees: For all payment is due upon publication or within 90 days of date of the Agency mh License Invoice, whichever occurs first. For accounts delinquent in payment, that is, not paid in full within 90 days of the invoice or publication date, a 0,01% of license fee will be added to the license fee for each day of delay from the payment.

Commercial Websites, CD's

Commercial Websites:
A copyright line keyed to the image shall read: Photo ©
The text appears legibly next to the image (underneath, above or vertically along side it) and the copyright text and the image itself must both link to my URL

Copyright line or photo credit shall read: Photo ©

© 2001 agency mh All Rights Reserved.